Test system/inspection system – Universal Contacting Modules

IMAK Automation has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of test/inspection systems, especially for electronic and electromechanical modules.
With the Universal Contacting Modules, or UCM for short, IMAK Automation has developed a modularly structured test system that can be adapted easily and flexibly to different production/test scenarios.

With UCM

  • different electronic modules can be tested
  • in different tests and
  • in different test processes/set-ups.

The advantages of such as system are obvious:

  • Short tooling times,
  • thanks to easily exchangeable, module-specific adapters and standardised module interfaces as well as
  • Optimised use of resources/costs,
  • thanks to flexible reusability of modules/system parts for modifications to the module, the test or the test set-up or scales.

Product data sheet UCM

Examples of customer-specific, individual test/inspection systems for electronic and electromechanical modules can be found on the following pages.

Load test module for electromechanical components

Test/inspection system - Hot function test / HFT

The modularly structured tempering and contacting system for the hot function test serves to test assembled printed circuit boards under different temperature conditions during the production process. In order to feed in the module for a hot function test with a temperature between 75°C and 150°C, IMAK Automation developed a chamber system with circulating air tempering. The test piece is fed to the test station after continuous heating of the modules.

Test/inspection system - Test system for industrial power switches